Kubu Smart Security from Frame Fast

You can now offer your customers the latest in smart technology with Frame Fast. All of the doors and standard windows that we manufacture are Kubu ready, which means your customers can have that precious peace of mind that they’ll know if they have locked their windows or doors at all times.

Using smart and simple sensors to monitor locks in real time, Kubu enables users to check the status of a door or window from any location, at any time, simply through the Kubu app on a mobile phone.

The Kubu Hub, linked to the Wi-Fi network of the home, communicates directly with the Kubu Smart Sensors, in turn sending the information to the Kubu mobile app.

Providing users have a 3G, 4G, 5G, or Wi-Fi connection, they will get status updates and real time notifications with every turn of the key through the Kubu app.

Notifications can also be scheduled at any time to show whether a door or window is locked or unlocked. The Kubu app provides the ability to check back through usage history of windows and doors utilising a rolling seven day log.

Another superb benefit of Kubu is the Geofence Smart Alert. Everyone at some point asks themselves the question: ‘Did I lock the front door?’ With Kubu, users will be alerted if they have left any doors or windows unlocked before leaving the proximity of the property.

Kubu: Benefits For New Build

There are a number of advantages for housebuilders utilising Kubu-equipped windows and doors as standard. Firstly, they prove a major attraction to potential buyers looking for smart security solutions in a prospective home.

Because all doors and standard windows are supplied Kubu-ready, there is no additional fitting time on site, meaning you can offer a smart tech option without any difference to your installation schedule.

Modern homeowners are looking for integrated smart technologies. Kubu’s smart security functionality is compatible with other smart home tech, such as Alexa, providing the option for a property that is truly smart tech integrated.


Kubu: Benefits For Homeowners

For homeowners, Kubu-equipped windows and doors offer enhanced safety and satisfaction.

The intuitive smart app notifications not only minimise vulnerabilities by alerting users about unlocked doors and windows, but also provide peace of mind, especially for vulnerable people who can share access with trusted family or friends.

Kubu works with: