How builders in Derby can transform homes with bifold doors

Anthracite grey aluminium bifold doors

How builders in Derby can transform homes with bifold doors

When it comes to building new homes, extensions or even renovations, you are more than likely to be involved in a project that requires a large glazed area.

More and more homeowners are turning towards widespan doors to bring extra light into their homes and blend the house with their garden, to create a seamless environment.

For builders in Derby, using bifold doors are an increasingly popular choice. They are great for completely opening up the home to the outside, as slide open whilst the panels fold and stack neatly. Bifold doors can come in a range of configurations and options to best suit your project.

As more and more customers across the Derbyshire area are looking for ways to open up their property and to maximise on light and space, we discuss the benefits of choosing aluminium bifold doors.


Slimmer sightlines to make the most of garden views

Aluminium bifold doors are made with much slimmer sightlines than other materials so that the glazed area is increased. As we can assume that the doors will be closed for a lot of the year, due to the great Derbyshire weather, this makes the slimmer sightlines a great advantage over other materials.

We manufacture aluminium bifold doors which have sightlines as little as 132mm, making them the ideal choice for stylish glazing.


A wide choice of colour options

Our aluminium bifold doors come with a huge choice of RAL colours to pick from. This is great if you are working on an extension or renovation project as you can pick a colour that matches seamlessly to the existing glazing and look of the property. It’s also perfect for new builds, as you can match the colour of all the glazing in the property together, including the windows, entrance door and conservatory.

With more than 200 RAL colours, a dual colour option and our unique textured finishes, there really is a wide range of choice you can provide to customers. If that’s not enough, we also offer Anthracite Grey and White bifold doors on our two-week lead time.


Made to measure aluminium bifold doors

If you’re a builder in the Derby area, no matter the scale or size of your project, we can provide made to measure aluminium bifold doors, so you know you are getting a high-quality and accurate door for your development. If your project requires a large bifold door with a large number of panels that really makes you just stand back and think wow, then aluminium bifold doors fit the bill.

With our aluminium bifold door profiles, you can install bifold doors with a height of up to 2500mm per sash and a width of up to 1200mm per sash.


High security for your customers

Aluminium bifold doors offer robust security so you can reassure your customers that their properties are well secured. This level of security can be upgraded further as we have teamed up with Ultion to bring it’s 3 star, tried, tested and unbeaten lock to our bifold doors. The lock has a special lockdown mode which makes sure that your customers’ properties are secure even when there is an attempt at a break in.


The cost-effective alternative

Because aluminium is so strong, our aluminium bifold doors can be manufactured with wider panels than other materials such as timber or PVCu. Wider panels are a much more cost-effective way of achieving a bifold door to fit the same space.


Multiple configurations

With aluminium bifold doors you can choose a wide range of configurations suitable to your customers and project.

Bifold configurations come as three numbers, 3-2-1. The first number refers to the number of panels the bifold door has, the middle number refers to the amount that open to the left and the right number refers to how many panels open to the right.

This means you can choose from a wide range of configurations from 2-2-0, to 5-4-1, to 7-4-3. It all depends on the size of the aperture, but aluminium bifold doors have the capability in design to meet the needs of your project. With certain configurations, you can create a single or French door within the bifold door.

To find out more about Frame Fast aluminium bifold doors, give us a call on 01332 344459. Or check out our aluminium bifold doors page.